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QuieTrack Insurance Services is a privately owned, California domiciled, Managing General Insurance Agency with a core focus of mitigating uninsured collateral risk through careful, proactive and advanced technology insurance tracking for financial institutions of any asset size.

We were founded in 1971, in San Francisco, California by Herschel A. McGuire as Autobank Insurance Agency. Herschel developed the first successful on-line real time insurance tracking system in the United States and evolved Vendors Single Interest VSI insurance into Collateral Protection Insurance CPI, as we know it today. His original system has been under continuous evolution for over 50 years and at present delivers an extensive record of insurance tracking and CPI data, premium accounting, management reports, and insurance document images among other things. This wide array of critical information is delivered to our clients in real time via our highly secure, state of the art, online website.


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What our name means to us.

In 2006, the agency was renamed QuieTrack Insurance Services. The new name embodied our fresh approach to insurance tracking. Our inventive methodologies combined to dramatically cut the false placement of CPI coverage on our client’s portfolios. The desired result was achieved and QuieTrack brought a “Quiet” solution to a traditionally “Noisy” service. Our clients consistently benefit from a remarkable increase in borrower satisfaction, coupled with substantial time savings for their staff. With our commitment to outbound calls to borrower’s insurance brokers, QuieTrack effectively raised the bar on a stagnant industry. Now, practically every lender insists on out-bound calls in their CPI program due to our innovations.

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QuieTrack is classified as a “Managing General Agency.” This means we administrate all aspects of our insurance program, from client underwriting through claim payment. No aspect of our tracking operation is off-shored, or out-sourced. The only function that occurs outside our facility is the appraisal of the damage for claim processing by independent, licensed damage appraisers. QuieTrack is a California domiciled corporation, licensed by the California Department of Insurance also servicing financial instructions in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona and Nevada. 

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QuieTrack Insurance Services is a proud Affiliate of Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers, a subsidiary of Heffernan Insurance Brokers. Heffernan Network operates as a growth and strategic partner for select independent agencies providing exclusive carrier access, leadership development, efficiencies, and proven business development initiatives. Heffernan Insurance Brokers has over 30 years in business, placing over a billion dollars of insurance premiums across 700+ carriers annually, operating as a top 25 independent brokerage firm nationally.

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