Joe Sterk

Chief Information Officer
Joe’s responsibilities include managing QuieTrack’s IT infrastructure and culture. During his tenure, Joe has focused on Performance Tuning, Virtualization & Infrastructure Overhaul, Cloud Services & Outsourcing, and modernization of our client-based applications. His knowledge spans the insurance, financial, retail, telecommunications, and automotive industries. As an IT modernization leader, he has had the opportunity to use his wide range of technical skills from Legacy COBOL to .NET CORE to help QuieTrack grow and enhance their position as a long-standing, quality industry leader.

Joe joined QuieTrack in early 2014 after spending over 25 years at HP. By leveraging QuieTrack’s 45 years’ experience of insurance tracking, collateral insurance and the existing systems, he continues to significantly enrich QuieTrack’s current position by offering QuieTrack’s customers the most agile and secure Insurance tracking software available today or tomorrow.

Joe and his family currently reside in the foothills of beautiful northern California. Before moving to California, Joe lived in Texas where he was very active in the city of Parker and served for more than 5 years as the Chairman of the Parks & Recreation Commission. Joe currently serves on his HOA board.

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Arizona.